The Two Essential Factors for List Building for Email List Marketing

In a previous article I explained the essential system that you need to construct if you’re going to build a list for email list marketing. It was extremely simple, about as simple as they come.

As I explained, if you are looking to build a list, all you needed was qualified traffic, and website that’s capable and optimized to capture their e-mail addresses for your email marketing lists. I wasn’t trying to be funny there; I was just trying to be honest about what it takes to run a successful email marketing campaign.

List building is a really simple thing that most people really overcomplicate, and I’d like to try and detangle the process and show you just how simple it really is to succeed at direct email marketing. Now that you know the basic system, I’m going to explain the most important factors for list building for email list marketing, just as simply.

Alright, there are two main important factors when it comes to list building. Are you ready for them? Here they are- you need traffic, and you need to convert that traffic.

Once again, I am not trying to be funny here. The first thing you need is traffic to fuel your email marketing campaign. You need people coming to your website, the one that is built around capturing email lists. In general, the more traffic you get the better, for a reason that I’ll mention when I talk about conversion.

Of course you don’t just want to have anyone come to your site; you want qualified traffic- people who are interested in what you’re selling. The more of it the better, so it’s a good idea to employ a number of different strategies to drive this traffic to your site to succeed at email list marketing.

Now, all of the qualified traffic in the world isn’t going to do much of anything for you if you don’t actually convert that traffic for your email marketing lists.

Conversion is nothing more than the percent of visitors to your capture page that actually go ahead and take the action that you want them to take. If you’re tracking conversion on a sales page, you’re tracking how many people are actually buying the product compared to how many people are visiting the page. For list building purposes, your conversion rate is equal to the number of people who give you their email address relative to the number of people who just arrive at your site and then leave. Memorize this, as it is crucial for building your list for direct email marketing.

And that’s it. The most important factors to consider are your volume of qualified traffic and you conversion rate. Raise your conversion rate by tweaking your site design and a greater percent of the people you send to your site will give you their address. Increase your traffic and a large volume of people will be converted and join your list. It’s dead simple, but it’s important you understand that this is basically what list building is all about.

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