Internet Marketing Strategies For A Small Business – 5 Essential Tips

With the internet at the finger tips of the majority of small business owners, you can easily market your products online to a huge audience and even give the big companies a run for their money.

But are you doing it the right way? There are 2 styles of marketing online -

1. Branding
2. Direct response

One makes money, one doesn’t. Now these 2 styles of marketing don’t necessarily have to be websites, they can be Facebook pages, articles, YouTube videos….The important thing you need to realize is the direct response style of marketing will get you more customers, and more profits quicker and easier. Quite simply a direct response website must ask your customer for some kind of response (eg. buy today, sign up now, contact us)

Here’s some internet marketing strategies for a small business that you can use today and profit. Take a look at your website (I’m assuming that you have one as most small businesses do). Now I’ve compiled a checklist of the crucial elements that your website must have for it to succeed.

Your website must have a:

Headline: You can multiply the amount of new business your website pulls in by having a killer headline. It’s more important than your logo, your tagline, and company name. A great headline can increase sales by up to 12,000% (eg. “70% of the products you are currently using, could be killing you”, would grab the readers attention more than something like – “My Spa Organic Skin Products”) Briefly a good headline should generate curiosity, be shocking, make a bold statement offering a BIG BENEFIT

Call to action: Essentially you must tell your customers exactly what you want them to do, and make it easy for them. Here’s an example:

“Here’s what you do next: click here to contact us today for a free quote.”

Guarantee: Prospects will always perceive some level of risk when you’re making them an offer or trying to sell them something, so if you can remove or reverse the risk. The key is to know what your customers really worry about when they do business with you. Now the good thing is you have already heard all of the questions and objections people may have from your past customers right? Now just answer and sooth those worries and overcome those objections with your guarantee. The key here is to make it clearly visible on your home page, so it’s one of the first things people see without having to navigate any where else on your website. Here’s one I use on my own website -

“We’ll show you exactly how you can increase profits in your business by at least 25%, and get a high return on investment (1600%) for your marketing dollar in the next 90 days, or I’ll happily pay you $100 cash. Yes, you read it right, that’s my guarantee, and I’m dead serious about it.”

Testimonials: I guarantee that you will have some satisfied customers. All you have to do is ask them for a short testimonial, stating how they liked your service. Take a photo of them if possible, and put their testimonial and picture on the front page of your website (upper right position works well).

Testimonials like this can increase conversions big time (which is the number of people that become your customers)

Contact details: Your preferred method of contact should be on the main page in the top right corner, with a clear call to action. If you want people to call simply say, “Call today on xxx xxx xxxx”. And the same deal if you prefer to be contacted by email and so on.

Most business owners are frustrated with the results they’re getting from their websites. Yet 5% of people in business are making huge profits which 95% can’t. Which crowd are you in?

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